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Thumb good riding, camping and a few good pics

Nothing much to report, just a lot of good riding, camping and a few good pics.

Just before leaving Casper WY we stopped at a mountaineering store. I was looking for one more Thermorest sleeping pad just like the one we already have. I also wanted a tiny fuel bottle for our camp stove. I don’t like having to dig out the big fuel bottle every time. The store had the exact sleeping pad and fuel bottle. Super! The foam rubber bed pad I was using was old and had lost all its spring. I’m not use to camping in parks and camping areas. Primitive camping I choose tall grass or soft sand to sleep on. In a park you have an area to put your tent, usually hard as a rock. Thermorest pads are super pricy but do a heck of a job, pack up super small and weight only 13 ounces. I suck it up and pay the bill, happy knowing I will sleep better. Also this will give Heidi my old foam rubber pad on top of her Thermorest pad. Hopefully this will help prevent a mutiny. All this camping is new to Heidi and she is having a hard time at night. Like a captain of a lifeboat, I must take ultimate care of my crew. The success of the journey depends on it.

Casper to Shoshone:
This is a desolate part of Wyoming. We pulled over at a famous site where American Indians would stampede Buffalo over a cliff as a means of hunting, Hell’s Half Acre. I had to check this place out. My father being part Native American made me aware of such practices. I know he would be thrilled I visited the place.

Cody WY:
We were heading straight toward Cody WY, that’s the home of, a website where we purchased a lot of our gear. I needed a new pair of mountain running shoes, the pair I ordered from them are a half size too small and my feet aren’t liken it. Hiking is going to be a big part of this trip. We both need good foot gear. Anyway, I found the perfect shoe, I call them white mans moccasins. They’re a type of sandal hiking shoe, not a lot of cushion but a good grip on the bottom and are super light weight. Heidi questions my call with the light weight hikers. I assure her this is the shoe made for me. We will see.

Boysen State park:
Just north of Shoshone WY are a number of reservoirs with camping. We hit the first, Boysen state park. It felt a little primitive. We were use to South Dakota state parks with nice showers. The first place we put our tent up was nice and close to the water but we soon noticed ants were everywhere; on the ground, on the picnic table, on our stuff. Heidi takes a short hike up the beach and shouts back “There are no ants over here!” We both take a longer hike and find an even better spot. It was secluded on the beach and had shade. When we marched back up the beach to start moving camp we found the outside of our tent covered with ants. I pick up the tent and haul it to our new spot. We theorized why all the ants were at the first site. That first place was close to the boat launch and is probably one of the most popular sites. With that includes all the food and crumbs. Anyway, no ants at our new camp and we are happy.

The weather here was perfect, warm and dry. I love waking up early while camping. Making coffee, reading and watching the sun rise, mmm…

Heading for Yellowstone:
We are shooting for the Yellowstone park northeast entrance. This entrance was closed last time I rode here, it is supposed to be a great ride.

There are a lot of great places to pull off the main road here and explore. Heidi seems a little nervous about the roads I take her down. I go super slow. She keeps quiet.

Great chillen spots.

We provision in Cooke city. It’s a nice little mountain tourist town but not much else.

We camp just a few miles from the park entrance in Montana, Gallatin National Forest. Nice spot right next to a creek and isolated from other campers, just the way we like it.

The next morning was cool but it got comfortable as soon as the sun came out. We ate a primitive camp breakfast of oatmeal, caned black beans, V8 juice and coffee. I’m loving it Big-Time. Heidi looks deep into my eyes as if she is saying “What the H did I get myself into?”

We suit up wearing long-johns under our leather. It felt good starting out but as soon as we entered Yellowstone Park it started getting colder.
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