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Hey thanks everyone for your replies and support. This is a lot of fun!
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Here we look for supplies for camping tonight. The temps were in the high nineties. We stopped at a Wal-Mart. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We blast up into the foot hills of the Rockies and camped at Island Acers state park. Our camp spot was real close to the Colorado River. This was a popular camping spot with a lot of activity. We ended up getting one of the better spots with shade, but that was all.

Colorado River:

Fire Water:
I woke up before Heidi today and went out to make coffee. We have been using plastic 750 ml vodka bottles for our water bottles. They are flat shaped and a perfect fit for our tank panniers. Well I poured some water in my tin coup and started to boil it. Next thing I notice the stove and cup are on fire. I pick up the cup with a camp handle and the water was on fire. I dumped the water on the ground and the ground was on fire. Duh…! I boiled the vodka we had for cocktails. Heidi and I have a good laugh. Thank god this vodka bottle didn’t have a pour spout on it. I would have questioned my sanity….

Today we are doing a short ride up into the mountains. The map shows a large national forest and a lot of camping. Sounds good…

Going up!

Grand Mesa camp grounds:
It was looking at first like there weren’t any camps spots available. We get to the very last two sites. They were open. With both sites you had to walk up a steep hill to get to your tent. We for sure had the best spot in the place, closest to a clear blue lake with fishing and hiking trails.

Today was devoted to hiking. There are trailheads all over this area. The signs claim lakes and photo opportunities. Sounds good. We pack some trail mix and a jug of water. We are off.

The first trail was well groomed and maintained. It circled around several small mountain lakes. After about an hour the trail doubled back to where we started. We remember seeing some more primitive trails on the way to this trailhead. We start hiking. Woods, lakes, swamps, springs, open grass savannas. This place has it all.

Heidi keeps following. This is good.

We merge onto another more defined but difficult terrain trail. We meet several mountains bikers. It had to be a hell of a ride for them, some had full face helmets.

A great day of hiking ended with a big camp fire. This place has unlimited fire wood.

It’s been raining steady since last night. A few days ago in Rock Springs we heard Hurricane Dean was going to bring rain all day on Monday. We made plans accordingly. The plan is to hunker down in the tent, read, play games, eat and just chill out. The rain stopped just lng enough to make coffee and grab the corn muffins. It’s a challenge to be comfortable hanging out in a tent all day. We got several reprieves from the rain where we were able to walk around and stretch but most of the day was inside, Its not as warm up here as hoped, in fact it’s been quite cold all day. We are looking forward to going down from the mountains tomorrow and warming up. Heidi is starting to go nutty, she wants a bath & _ _ _…..
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