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sounds like a new thread Rob. nothin personal. I would love to talk to ya about China (as well as bikes), but you will probably get a better response on a new thread involving, "5'6" rider wants commuter", or somthin like that anyway. I know I am 5'11" with long skinny legs and the stock wee is comfertable to me but not flat footed. Add a corbin and it is even worse (due to the width). I have pretty much decided on the wee due to the value and long distance comfert but I am still enticed by the light weight low gravity feel of the gs. Maybe there is a good touring saddle for the gs that would keep it from feeling like a dirt bike on your commute, I dunno. I think for me the twin will be more gratifying in the end (yeah I know I can't spell). Zhen, Shan, Ren (truth, compassion, tolerance). Good luck!
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