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Wink Charlotte to Canada to South America

...or that's the plan anyway, if you can call what I do planning.


My name is Josh and I am from Charlotte, NC. I ride an old 1996 xr650l, and I am trying my best to ride it to south america. I am 24 years old, and still in the middle of college (best 4 years of my life and counting!) I was lucky enough to find a good job and be able to save some money for the trip, so hopefully I have enough to make it to South America and back.

Step one, Load everything I own into a Uhaul and drag it 100 miles to my parent's house.

Check out the time consuming and delicate packing job notice the xr650l secured against the wall on the right

well it got the job done, but yes the bookshelf in the back did fall over... didnt hurt the bike though.

So I spent a couple of days at my parents house, working on packing the bike, and doing some maintenance on it (it's so nice to have a garage to work in). It was over 100 degrees for every day i was there !

Anyway, got things squared away, and then came back to Charlotte to handle a couple of things before I headed out.

I will do my best to keep you guys updated on my trip, but so far I have been having trouble finding places to upload my pics from. Do you think they would let me upload pics from the library????
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