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Day One

Sunday August 26, 2007

After a bit of last minute cleaning, exchanging a broken craftsman ratchet, and dropping off my keys with the landlord I am finally ready to head out.

My bike all loaded up and ready to go in front of my apt.

Looks like a lotta stuff for the little 650... it is. I gotta get rid of some of this stuff.

The bike is ready to go!

am I????

Some parting pics of Charlotte, the best city in the world. I am trying to prove that at least it is the best city in this hemisphere on this trip. I gotta save up some more cash to prove it's the best city in the world .

New brakes new tires. Time to leave the city behind

I did what I usually do when I leave the city on my bike. Time to get high! Well at least as high as you can this side of the Mississippi, so I head for the Smokey Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

That morning I had used my phone to google hostels in north carolina, and found one in Asheville. $21 for the night sounded like it was in my budget, so I headed that way.

I dont like to use maps too much, and didnt really have anyplace to go, so I just kept heading west, and it worked out okay.

I went past lake lure. They have some pretty good roads around that way, and I wasnt the only one using them.

Startin to get high, I know you cant read that sign, but it says 2700 feet, and there were cool breezes to prove it. I need something to save me from this god-aweful heat.

I spent the night at Bon Paul and Sharkey's Hostel in Asheville. It was a pretty chill spot. I shoulda taken more pics.

Had a bad ass hamburger at Burgermeister's in Asheville too, once again forgot the pic. I will try to be better about the food pics from now on.

Chatted with a cool couple who were driving there car around the South East. THey were complaining about paying $10 per night to camp behind the Hostel. Apparently what they have been doing is just finding a spot that looks okay or that someone says they can probably camp at, and just setting up shop. They said in Savannah they were sleeping in an alleyway I guess that's one way to stretch your budget I might have to do that on the way back if I run short on cash.
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