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Day Two

Monday August 27th 2007

I got outa the hostel pretty early. It was kinda hard getting any sleep there. All of my roomates were very quiet and respectful, but the bunk beds were homemade and not put together very well, everytime one of us moved, the whole thing would creak and groan and wobble back and forth.

But I was all packed up, showered, shaved and out the door before 8 in the morning.

I hopped on the BRP and headed north, there's gotta be some cooler weather that way right?

There were some wild turkey's crossing the road just north of Asheville. I had never seen wild turkeys on a mountain before, it was pretty cool.

and they werent the last wild animal i would see in the road that morning

About a half mile after the turkeys I enter a tunnel and see a bear at the other end. I had my camera in my right pocket and was trying to get it out with my left had as i got closer, but it wasnt working. I missed the pic, oh well. By the time I got to his end of the tunnel he was gone up the mountain nowhere to be seen.

One of many great overlooks on the BRP

Getting pretty high here, almost 4000 feet

The weather was really awesome here in the mountains in the morning, nice and cool. Mission accomplished, I finally got chilly.

I made my way to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak East of the Rockies. But the trail and the observatory were closed for renovation.

As high as the bike will see till she gets to the rockies

It looked like it might be as high as I could get as well, but the guy at the concessionstand said that there was another peak just a mile down the trail which would get me to within 30 feet or so of Mount Mitchell's elevation. Sounded good to me, so I had him fill up the camelback and I was off.

The trail was really really nice, it started out with a path through the trees that was really other-worldly, I know my lack of photo taking skills, and cheap camera can't do it justice, but here it is.

then the trail got kinda difficult. I can tell that I am outa shape, its only a mile and I had to rest. But the views were great when I got to the top

As high as I will get until the Rockies

just beat the fog that was rolling up the far side of the mountain

So I remember how high it was

I wandered on and off the BRP after that heading north. Got myself lost in the backroads through the mountains, and somehow ended up in Virginia.

I ate at a place called the Log House, I had a hot dog that the waitress was raving about. It was pretty decent, but I've had better. The onion rings were off the hook though.

I remembered the food pic that time!

I finnally stumbled out of the wilderness at a place called Fancy Gap, VA. They had a clean room for $35 so I took it.

The room even came with a refrigerator (of sorts )

mmmm healthy and nutritious dinner .

food pics again, I was on point that day.

Fell asleep that night and didnt wake up till the Harley next door rumbled to life that morning.
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