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Day Three

Tuesday August 28, 2007

Today my tire was really bothering me, I didnt notice it on the BRP so much, b/c I was going at higher speeds, but the bead wasnt completely set, so from 20-35 mph there was a very noticeable bounce up and down coming from the front wheel.

I burned rubber north from Roanoke VA on the interstate, but that got old real quick (thumper without windshield and BRP withdrawl), so I hopped off on some road that I intentionally didnt notice the name of and headed roughly northwest.

There were some really cool roads out here carving through farmland and over the hills.

some nice fun gravel roads

unfortunately this one didnt go anywhere and after 5 miles or so deadended at a hunting lodge.

Then I did a lot of miles on smaller highways, trying to make my way north and west. I guess I eventually made it to WV because that is where I found myself at the National Radio Telescope Center (or some name pretty close to that). Wow that's some big satalite dishes, I guess I'll check that out.

I opted for the self guided tour. I didnt read the little hand out that the lady gave me until I was pretty far into the hike, 2 miles to the big telescope. Doh, I wondered why she looked at me funny when I said I would just walk instead of taking the tour (in airconditioned bus) but the busses (as they passed me) didnt really stop anywhere for the people to get out and take pics, so it was okay with me to walk the whole thing.

this one was the 140 ft wide telescope, on my hike back it was moving, which was pretty cool to see.

This one was the big one. I think it was 300 ft across and the surface area of the dish was a little of 2 acres. That's a pretty massive dish out in the middle of the mountains in WV... I wonder how much money goes into this place.

I burned another 40 miles or so north of the telescope place and ended up near Seneca Rocks, WV. I'm really not sure where I was at, because I just came up out of this one lane broken black top road and saw a motel across the highway. I had been looking for a place to camp, but it had been a long day and I didnt see any camp grounds. The next day I would pass three camp grounds within the first 5 miles I guess thats the way it goes sometimes. The motel was called 4U and it smelled bad. The toilet had blue water in it, not sure what that was about, but it smelled really really bad. I had to open all the doors and windows and air out the room while I was eating dinner, and it still smelled bad when I got back. Oh well, it was only $32.

and it had this cool mural/picture on the wall

well perhaps cool was exagerating it a bit still airing it out.

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