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I had the same dilemma, GS650 vs. DL650. After riding both bikes several times, I went with the K650 05 V-Strom and haven't regretted it. I still like the GS's but it just wasn't as nice on the street as the Strom (where I spend the majority of my time-canyons,dirt/grvel roads). On dirt, as previously mentioned, neither is a real dirt bike. I have taken my Strom on some "trails" where it didn't belong (and banged up the exhaust pipe) but it was managable. Non the less, I won't be riding like that again on the Strom (I'll get a dirt bike). On the street, there is no comparison. THe GS is nice, the Strom nicer (esp with the Tourances). Off road, there'r the same. Both great bikes, just the Strom fit my 90/10 street/dirt bill better. Not to confuse things, but... I'd also take a good look at the DR 650. IT was the nicest riding thumper I rode and actually beat the GS in my book. Good luck
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