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If you plan on pulling the trigger on the wee-strom you might want to consider the re-sale issue. At some point you will want a different bike, and as you have already pointed out, there are a lot of v-stroms for sale and they aren't selling. I know of two used ones in awsome shape that have been for sale for a long time in Baton Rouge. They are listed in the classifieds at

I own a F650GS Dakar and I have a lot of experience on the wee-stom. Here is my 2 cents:

Around town the GS is easier to manuver around due to the lower center of gravity. It will give you more confidence. Off-road the Dakar version is FAR superior to the wee-strom. For long distance riding the wee-strom is superior. You can easily go long distances on the GS but the wee does it better. I feel fit and finsh is equal. As for dealer support, they all suck around New Orleans so that is a toss up although there are more Zuki dealers that BMW.
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