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.. something shiny bouncing in the road… I look down behind my right boot.
Oh no…. the whole tailpipe(muffler) fell off… !!
The Italians were very helpful, but the tailpipe was pretty beat up where it attaches to the header tubes.
The two mounting brackets holding the tailpipe was broken straight off, but I must have missed seeing the crack before leaving home.
Not that I had enough time the last weeks before the trip..
I had to carefully( well, not really ) adjust the tailpipe with a genuine Icelandic rocks..and a bungee cord, bailing wire and the passenger peg was used to keep the tailpipe in place. Two problems before dinner…this will be a loooong trip.
The tailpipe moved around a bit, but it stayed in place. Finally got to the gaspump (no station in the remote places) with about 2 liters of gas left, and also found a closed repair shop. But I thought the tailpipe would stay in place the 400kilometers to the next repair shop in the small town called Vik.
The south coast was very nice, and the weather was perfect..and I really had a great time riding along the coast. When I saw the glacier(s) up in the mountains on the right I knew I was getting closer and closer to the Skaftafell park where I was planning to stop for the night.. however… I still saw the glaciers on the right side 3 hours later, and I still had a long way to goJ
Well…more pictures..less talk..:)

somewhere near Høfn in the southeast of Iceland

Sometimes, looking back is a good thing to do..

South coast.

yes.. the mountains are actually for real!

the chief bluesmoke rests for two minutes..

This is Jøkulsarlon, a small lake at the edge of the glacier.. the edge glacier breaks off in big chunks of "icebergs". This is some 2000 year old ice..

...more later.. have to ride the 60kilometers to my home (on the Ducati..:) )
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