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.. sorry about the delay.. had to prepare a bike for a funeral tomorrow.
A motorcycle friend diseappeared after a christmas party last year, but they found him near a river in the end of august. RIP
There will be a lot of motorcycles there tomorrow, he had lots of friends.

So.. just a short story tonight..

When I arrived at the Skaftafell national park, I recieved an SMS from my brother.. "bad weather forecast for tomorrow, 20m/s winds and heavy rain in Reykjavik".
I checked with the locals about the area I was in, and they said I probably shouldn't ride since the bad weather would hit the area pretty bad. So I decided to ride as far as possible that night and hope I'll find a roof somewhere along the way. And btw.. the oil consumption was starting to get me worried at this point.. but I was riding pretty hard with the "offroad" gearing.. The thickest oil I could find was 15W40.. and even in the colder temperature, the engine was running so hard and hot that straight 50w is the only solution (and riding slower off course...:) )

Rode and rode for some more hours.. and it got darker and darker...
Had to stop for a short.. well I had too much coffee earlier.

This was a spooky place.. no wonder why quite a large number of people in Iceland believe in trolls and goblins.. :)

pyramids and lava landscape

Just before midnight I arrived in Vik and was so lucky to find a hotelroom!!
I had just been in Iceland for one day.. and had already seen a lot, and had met lots of nice people!

The next day, I went over to the car repair shop and the owner welded the brackets back on to the tailpipe. One thing about Icelanders is that they are pretty good at repairing things. After all, they live on an island far out in the atlantic ocean..with rough weather and long distances.

Goretex... well, if you want to test your clothes or riding gear. Go to Iceland. The wind makes the rain penetrate everything. Even before I got onto the bike, the boots and gloves were wet. And.. off course the clutch was slipping again..and had to push the bike up a hill to do a rolling start.

I must have ridden some 650 kilometers or more the first day.. so it was just a couple hours ride to Reykjavik. But I had to ride in the rain and the wind, although it had eased off a bit when I started riding. Luckily most people was smart enough to stay inside, so I had the whole width of the road for myself. The wind pushed the bike from one side of the road to the other, while I was struggling to combine riding with wiping out water from the INSIDE of the helmet!... The rain penetrates everything.. ok, the new Spyke jacket held up pretty well.

But...then suddenly I had escaped the rain:):)
and stopped by Skogafoss to shoot some pictures, and pour out some water from my boots..

I arrived in Reykjavik at 1500 on friday... and got an overview over the city from the tower of the Hallgrims church.

I had never been to Reykjavik, but I managed to find my brother's soon to be family inlaw where I was going to have the base for the next few days.
The Chief bluesmoke got new offroad shoes for this trip.. and now it was finally time to try them on some rougher gravel roads.

My brother's brother in law (complicated..) was going to Landmannalaugar early the next morning to shoot some videoclips with an Icelandic rockband.. and asked me to come along. Yes, but only with my bike:)
But that's story for tomorrow...
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