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Thumb Vegas Baby!

We stopped about 15 miles from Cedar City at a nice campground on a river in the woods. Campgrounds are usually a good place to pull over and chill even if you have no intention of camping. They are normally located in a nice setting with a picnic table to hang out at. I pulled into an empty group site, Heidi seemed uneasy. I assure her that places like these are use to wary travelers and are accommodating to them. She thinks I’m ‘a little goofy but soon starts to relax and express what’s on her mind.

It feels cold here even with our leathers on. It’s looking like rain ahead.

We make a run for it. Heidi is sick and tired of being cold and my attempt to suggest camping at 7,000 feet just before Cedar City was futile. I say it’s going to be in the hundreds down there on the way to Vegas. I wanted to shoot for it early tomorrow morning when it will be cooler. Heidi said “Bring on the heat. I want it Now!”

It was serious hot. We pull over at River Canyon Park in Arizona to wait until the sun goes down. We hydrate, rest and wait in the shade.

About a half hour after the sun sinks behind the tall rock cliffs we take off. It was I think hotter then before. We blast down to Vegas. 75 MPH is the speed limit but I tried to keep it around 65. The tires have to be running super hot. I didn’t want tire problems with Heidi on board.

Vegas Baby!
We like Las Vegas. The Hard Rock casino is a tropical resort to us with nothing but great rock and roll music played everywhere and one of the world’s best pools. Palm trees, tall drinks, beautiful people, good food, no kids. What is not to like about this?

These guys were from Germany, they must have rented the bikes in New York or something.

I say to Heidi that we should go have one at the Harley Davidson Café before we check into the hotel. She thinks I’m nuts but I tell her it’s been my tradition. I get a smile and an OK.

I got this Vegas thing down. I-15 South, exit on Tropicana Blvd, cruise down the strip for a few blocks and pull right into the Harley Davidson Café. There is enough space if you park right at the curb and. I never had a problem with this. Heidi thought our parking spot was a little over the edge. Ya know, parking right on the strip in the heart of Las Vegas, for free. I tell her “Just act like we own the place” I get a look.

Heidi goes inside to freshen up while I go to try and grab a table outside on the strip. The waiter tells me that the outside seating is for people eating dinner only. At first I accepted it but then I went back to the guy. I tell him “Hey, your killing a tradition here” I told him that we drove all the way from Wisconsin and this has been a tradition to stop first and have a drink here, at the Harley Davidson Café, outside. That worked.

We were not going to spend a hundred and some bucks just to sleep, so we head straight to the Motel-6, on Tropicana Blvd, just a few blocks off Las Vegas Blvd. Under fifty bucks.

We are out of the Motel-6 at eleven, It was like a hundred degrees outside. We shoot straight to the Hard Rock casino, just up the street.

Obligatory shot: Heidi was claiming ‘Helmet hair’

The same bell guy that’s helped us the last few years is here again. He pretends like he remembers us. How nice.

We unload our tent, sleeping bags, tarp, leather jackets and a backpack with clothes. Our buddy will store it and have someone bring it to our room later, when we come back and can get into our room.

We have a few hours to kill. We know of a great place on the strip for breakfast and cocktails, just up the road.

We park at the Harley Davidson Café again.

A half a block away. We are hungry.

I’m having this feeling of euphoria set in. Heidi says she’s feeling something also. We are set. All is going according to plan. The Hard Rock awaits. We are on schedule to be South of the border by the 15 th, just when our world health insurance kicks in and our USA health insurance ends. Now lets just enjoy Las Vegas!
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