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Signal flasher

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The following taken from a posts by "the quiner", "Ken from Oklahoma", and "Randy R100/7-84RS" on

As a reminder, the pricey OEM turn signal flasher on the old airheads like my /7 can be swapped out for a "Tridon Stant" 12 volt 3 terminal #550 thermal flasher available for under $5 from any auto parts store.

The new flasher will have a "P" an "L" and an "X" want to plug the wires from the new socket into the existing flasher socket...match the "P" to the black/white wire (your dash light indicator)...match the "L" to the green/yellow wire (the "load"...i.e. the turn signals)...and, the "X" to the green/black wire (+12V supply). The fourth prong (that the new flasher won't have) is brown...for ground...the new flasher doesn't need a ground.

Thanks guys, I did this on my R80 last night and it works perfectly. I rigged up very short pig tails with male spades on one end and female on the other to patch the Tridon into the OEM connector and then zip tied it to the OEM bracket in the headlight bucket. Flashes the signals correctly AND works the dash light. So simple and cheap, makes you wonder what BMW was thinking .
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