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Husa-still broke down? Montibank is!

After much deliberation I think I am going to keep the berg. I may buy a second bike once I have the berg paid off, to ride when the berg is broken. I was really lookin forward to the October 20th ride, it is my birthday, but I don't think I can afford the nessisary parts before then.

Heya Tom... Where'd you get your FCR? I plan on getting one as well. Is there a main screw adjustment for altitude changes? A hot start decompression deal? I saw one that has a TPS on it, but I don't know if I can get that working right, that is just one more thing to go wrong if you ask me. The banshee had a similar mechanical system that was junk. That was the first thing I took off. I called APF here in town, he had a 39mm Quicksilver off a KTM 620 that I was considering having machined to 41mm, but it is an older carb and from what I hear hard to find jets/needles. It is cheap, ($75 vs. $500+ for the FCR) but I think in this case cheap = trouble.

All in all I think I need around $1000 in parts/improvements and this does not count what ever detonated in the head when I was on highway 1 in July. I got a hold of Linaweaver again, he said December/January was the soonest he could take a look at it. Even then he wasn't sure he would have time to work on it he said. I asked for a price quote/hourly rate and he hasn't gotten back about it. He may charge in first born children if the guy is half as good as he claims.
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