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Yes, No, Maybe

Just like people that have four wheel drive cars and trucks can become over confident in their vehicle's ability to go anywhere, riders that wear ATGATT can begin to feel invulnerable. We're dressed up like football players, what can hurt us? So yes, it's possible.

I don't think I push the envelope so, no not me.

The downside issues I see are, heat, dehydration, ridicule. My Darien is hot in Ohio's August heat and humidity. On longer trips I drink water by the gallon to stay hydrated. When I ride with a group, rarely, I'm almost always the only one ATGATT. They make fun of me . I'm almost always the last one ready to go after rest/fuel breaks.

Then again I don't get wet when it rains. I don't get hit in the eye by June Bugs. I only had a little bitty bruise when I had my only get off :knockwood.

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