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Where we riding to?
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Originally Posted by MoMan
Crashing is inevitable, skill has nothing to do with it. Everyone will crash, it's just a matter of when, how bad and how often. A motorcyclist could only crash once in their lifetime while others (who shall remain nameless) seem to have a problem with gravity pulling them down.

A lot of riders don't practice ATGATT (though not of this forum) and they are silent in their embarrassment and/or pain.

The only downside to takes longer to get ready for a ride.
I have people at work ask me "Isn't it a pain to put on all that gear every time you ride?" To which I reply "less painful than healing!" ;-) To me it's just part of the ride so no big deal. And yes I have crashed, and yes it was totally my fault, but what difference does it make, the gear protected my body so I simply got up and walked away. the only mark I have from that crash is a small burn on my ankle where my boot buckle got so hot dragging along the ground trapped under the bike it burned my ankle through the thick engineer boot leather. I just cringe seeing anyone riding in shoes / sneakers.

I will concede that at times wearing my full face helmet and all my gear, that I feel a little invincible. Nothing like when riding my dirt bike with helmet, boots, gloves, jersey, chest protector and pants where I feel vulnerable ALL the time and just know it's gonna hurt when I crash.

Kinda on this same subject, why do dirt riders wear so little gear? Our son just crashed doing about 50mph down a gravel road and scraped up his arms pretty good. he just had on a t-shirt cause his riding jersey was dirty, but the jersey wouldn't have helped him here either. He always wears his helmet, mx boots, gloves and riding pants.

Jodie and I just bought the DRs and are starting to do some dual sport rides and she was looking for some gear, specifically pants and a jacket and was kinda surprised when she started looking at pants. Most of them don't even have any protection on the hips and jerseys's are a joke. I wear a chest protector, cause I banged my ribs on one of my falls a few years ago.

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