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when i feel some complacency creeping in (like yesterday) its time stay vigilant about the riding gear. i feel i have a responsibility to my family to wear the gear so if i do go down then i'll have done what i can to minimize the injuries. i also think its important to practice basic riding skills...think emergency stops at the local comm. college parking lot.

as far as worrying too much about it i think its more important to not get complacent. it also helps to have gear that you don't mind putting on. if you don't like the gear you have you may be more apt to not wear it. if you get stuff that looks good, is well made, and climate specific i feel you will won't mind putting it on. sorry i rambled on.

as far as the original question: i like to think that the ones that are atgatt prolly are more apt to stay up on their riding skills as well.

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