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Originally Posted by bross
I have people at work ask me "Isn't it a pain to put on all that gear every time you ride?" To which I reply "less painful than healing!" ;-)

man, that sums it up for me.

it may take a few more minutes to put on my gear, but if it saves my skin (literally), it's totally worth it.

i also get made fun of for putting on lots of gear, but it doesn't bother me. i actually feel a little compassion for the people making fun of me -- they won't be laughing when they have ground chuck for elbows.

on that note, i went and saw Dave Ramsey the other day. he brought up the situation when people ridicule you for driving a beat-up car or not eating out all the time -- i.e. spending money you don't have. he pointed out that he would rather be weird and debt-free than like all his friends -- broke and normal.

i would rather be weird and have skin, than be "cool" and flesh-less.

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