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Originally Posted by Dirtgeek
mayqueen do you have a moto yet? reason i'm asking is cause my wife is going to take the brc next month and at some point will want her own moto. whats important to you as far as type of bike, height, style...that sort of stuff.


I don't have a bike yet. This is a touchy subject at home right now. My husband and I took the MSF class together. I passed, he didn't.

For me, the most important part of finding a bike will probably be height and fit as far as where my hands are and reach of controls. I'm just 5', so I will need to find something that I will be able to flat foot on. I rode a Rebel in class and that fit me pretty well. I will be looking at the Shadow as soon as I can get over to the dealer. Another bike that has been recommended to me because of my height is the Buell Blast.

Gear will be another fun thing, ha. I'm short and fluffy. I'm sure things will have to be shortened when I do find them. Nothing I haven't dealt with in my life before though.

Good luck to Mrs Dirtgeek!!!!
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