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Originally Posted by gsr1der
Really.... I thought coordura/kevlar was supposed to be the best all around.
and a really dumb question....
A good grade of leather has better abrasion resistance but arguably the thickness makes it difficult to get a strong seam so it may come apart at the seams under conditions where textile will hold together.

In practical terms a good riding suit of any material is good protection, a textile suit however may need fixing after a slided that leather survives unscathed.

Whats a pressure suit?
One example Has shoulder, elbow, chest, back, and other protection in a skin-tight stretch mesh carrier.

I wore my motoport jacket + pants, doc martin boots, held gloves yesterday for 140 round trip to mt airy and was very hot while riding but after the ride when i stopped i felt like i was going to die.... I took my gear off, drank water, and just kept feeling like i was burning inside and my head was cooking.

Is there any ATGATT that you can wear over clothes that doesn't feel like a snowmobile suit?
The high end mesh stuff and the new BMW Comfortshell come to mind, but to be really comfortable when it's hot you'd do better to dress for the ride and change clothes if you need to when you get there. The clothes are an extra layer that trap heat and prevent evaporation.

You might want to get a Camelbak and use it on the way.

By the way, Doc Martens look rugged but they really aren't all that good as protection.
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