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Originally Posted by Charis
No, I'm not recommending riding without adequate safety gear: thanks for asking.

But I keep reading Face plant reports where the rider has apparently (I recognize the difficulty of communicating in this medium) made a significant error and been involved in what was very likely an avoidable accident. Often those folks are very proud of the fact they were ATGATT but gloss over their responsibility in the wreck which IMO is much more important.

Is it possible we're worried too much about dressing properly and not enough on riding properly? Can ATGATT give us a false sense of security?

(And BTW: damned if I know. I just hoped it would make for interesting discussion.)
It's not like you only have, say, 100 points worth of worry to spend and if you use up all 100 worry points on ATGATT then you have nothing left for worrying about riding properly.

Concern over ATGATT has nothing to do with how much or how little concern we have about riding. THE TWO HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. Your point that people do not spend enough time taking responsibility for poor riding may be valid, but it should not in any way lead to this thread.

Suggesting that it may lead to a false sense of security is worthy of consideration. My response to this is that, yes, riding naked would probably make riders much more cautious, but I still think ATGATT is safer.

After all is said, we each make our own choices and live with the consequences. There are good and bad points to absolutely everything in life.
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