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Originally Posted by vol245
To me it makes it hard to use a motorcycle as a source of transportation if I have to wear ATGATT. Let's say I want to go to a movie. What am I supposed to do with ATG once I get there? Take up 3 seats with it?
You can lock it to the bike, put it in the seat next to you in the theater, or put it under the seat. I generally lock the helmet onto the bike and put the jacket in the seat next to me like I do with my winter coat. If the theater is packed though then I put it under the seat.

I know it should be worn ATT while riding though. Therein lies the dilemma.

FWIW, I've wrecked at 90ish mph wearing jeans, a Tshirt and a helmet. No broken bones, but lost a lot of skin. This was in 1974.
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