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Eek This could be a bad thing

I almost forgot this:

Riding toward Vegas on I-15 there are long stretches of nothing. Well we were on a big long stretch and it was dark. My butt was falling off and I had to stop. We took the first exit and pulled off the shoulder at the end of the ramp. I just had to dismount for a while. We took off our helmets when another older car pulled over just where we did. It just stood there with itís headlights pointing at us. About twenty yards from us I could see figures in the headlights. At first I was kind of pissed about the headlights pointing at us, than I got a feeling that this could be a bad thing. I told Heidi to get on the bike ASAP and letís get out of here. Before we were gone another car pulled up next to the other car. We get the heck out of there.

This may have been nothing but either way we put ourselves in a bad situation just 30 miles outside of Vegas, where a lot of desperate people are. If your gut says there is something Not Right, take action. Itís better to be safe then sorry.

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Today we head toward Yuma, AZ where we will stage for the border crossing. The Sporty will get new rubber, a new battery, oil and filter. I think thatís all. Maybe a new set of plugs to carry.

Itís going to be hot in Yuma. Does anyone know of a camping spot between Vegas and Yuma?
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