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Originally Posted by vol245
This isn't 1950 any more. I live in Phx and coats aren't normally needed.

My point was that ATGATT makes the bike much tougher to use for me, for regular use. If I am just going out for a ride then ATGATT is much easier to deal with. If I am making five stops at different places and spending some time at each one, then it is a PITA. It is also easier to do in cooler climates. We have had over 30 days this year where the temps were over 110.
Do you wear street clothes under your suit and take the whole thing off at every stop? If so, I can see where that would be a problem. I just wear the riding suit--it's my clothes. No PITA there, because I just walk into wherever and do whatever and walk out.

If you're only wearing a wicking layer and the suit then it's going to be a lot more comfortable in the heat than if you're wearing ordinary clothes under it.

Nobody's ever said anything unfavorable about it even in five-star restaurants. Mostly it's a conversation starter.
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