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A full face helmet has saved my face so many time that i will not ride with out one. When I'm on the LC4 out for a real ride its everthing. Full face,neck protction now, pressure suit shin/knee guards and boots. And its not because I want to look "cool", but because I have had my palms ground, and have seen the bones of my shins and elbows and have spent a week scrubbing gravel out of a wound, before they could sew it up, and it sucks.
I fact it all did its job last night. Mt buddy and I were exploreing some backwoods logging rds and I went down in I rut in a corner. The rut was filled in with silt from all of the logging equpment going up and down the road. The corner was a nice sweeping left up a hill, were clipping along at bout 35mph . My friend had the inside, the good line, and I was on the outside trying to stay clear of his dust, and the whole road was covered in a couple inches of silt.You could even see the rut in the corner, and my front wheel stepped out and down into it and SLAP, I went down and hard. I tweaked my knee a little, but other than that, no damage, there are some hellacious grooves in my left elbow guard and I ground throught the left knee of my Oneal pants to the knee cups, but I was up and rollign along in a couple of minutes, a whole lot dustier.
If im on the street bike on a ride its ATGATT. If Im on the ktm or the fz1 running around town i wear helmet and gloves and usually a jacket.
A lot of time in can be a pain in the butt, but its not real pain.
I know there is a road up here somewhere
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