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Detroit to San Diego, Zen and the art of motorcycle negligence,

First off I would like to thank all the people at advrider for making me feel like there was a group I fit in. I was an Indian without a tribe, a soldier without an army, a dork without a marching band (relax I was in band I can say that).


The Set Up

I am a middle aged man who sits in a cubicle. I design car parts. I have done it long enough to see the parts that where so important to the suits (management) that they made me miss a large part of my childrens lives, end up, rusty, powering crystal meth addicts around the mean streets of New Jersey on reruns of COPS. In short, I have put the whole thing in perspective. I spend 51 weeks per year scheming about next excellent adventure.

My history, I presume is shared by most people on this forum. My mother begrudgingly let me have a 3 hp mini bike when I was 11. She claimed it was like marijuana in that it was an entry drug. I thought she was crazy, she wasn’t, I have ridden nearly every piece of crap motorcycle that would start over the last 38 years. I have always wondered “what’s over there?”

Thanks to an understanding wife, I was able over the years, to pilot my assorted and sundry hunks of crap motorcycles throughout 46* of the contiguous United States with a vibrant assortment of good hearted ne’er do wells.

Having conquered most of the United States I began to notice a pattern forming, as my real life only allows one week of absence every other year or so I would ride like hell for 3 days away from home, go to as many states as I could, slowly wistfully turn around put my tail between my legs and ride home. This turned the last half of every vacation/adventure into a very long commute to a job that I have long since lost my enthusiasm for.

This summer as I plotted my next exit scenario I stumbled upon “The Big Idea”.
Instead of running out to the end of my leash, jerking up short and dejectedly heading back to the doghouse I figured out a way to double the leash and finally bite the mailman. I WOULDN’T TURN AROUND.

I would go straight out for my whole vacation and abandon my recent nearly used up rat bike and fly home.

To add an element of excitement to the trip my 13 year old son (drifter) expressed an interest in tagging along.

Aye Karumba!

*Rhode Island and Delaware remain elusive dreams, no real compelling interest in either except that George Thorogood and the Destroyers are from Delaware. What gnaws at me is that I know that information but still occasionally spell my wife’s name wrong.
The Trip

Detroit to San Diego
San Diego was a logical destination as it was the farthest I could get from Detroit and I have in-laws there that could help facilitate. The theory being if I could leave the bike at the in-law’s pole barn I could return next year and continue the trip maybe down to Costa Rica, maybe cruise across central Mexico and pop back out into Texas and re abandon the bike or maybe take the Missus up to Seattle. The world is my oyster.

The Bike

My weapon of choice is my beloved Honda PC800. It was Hondas answer to a question no one in the 1990s was asking. It is a pretty dang good all round bike with a copious amount of luggage and as reliable as the monkey bars at school. The only draw back is that if you have any more testosterone than Pee Wee Herman you may be embarrassed to be seen on it. It has followed the path of my last few bikes general neglect and a flair for the practical use of cable ties, dry wall screws and duct tape has created a monster.


Lawn mower handle/barbeque legs luggage rack
Lowes $19 toolbox luggage
Bus turn signals
Pine stick lid prop

For those interested Drifters account is at

Bless his pea pickin heart

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