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Hello everybody.

Before I lashed out a new ADV. scren etc, I've done something crazy and in a fit moved the tobinators angled FORWARD slightly, at the front lowest setting, with the givi screen. The screen is laid back a touch more than the original 'low' setting.

I had tried a lot of other tobinator positions and found reduced buffeting, but various problems with wind noise and airflow (rain just gathering on visor, no de-fogging airflow). vast improvements over the stock screen, the Tobinators have helped immensely. I was sure there was a way to reduce wind noise.

well f*ck me. the quietest it's ever been! still plenty of air to clear visor of rain and fogging but I get no buffeting and very little wind noise. I'll fine tune it and post pics and dimensions. if the screen were wider I'm sure it will cut out side winds better (we had some windy days and you get some wind noise then)

I've tried some winglets but found little benefit, but I think the winglets on an 1150 need to be at a more vertical plane to be of assistance.
I'm designing some

I've had a few attempts at wind noise but am suprised that this worked so well, but when I analysed the result it made sense. I feel you need more air under a bigger screen, if that makes sense to equalise pressure when you sit so upright, when there is not enough width in the fairing/ screen in comparison to height. bigger screen needs more width from the bottom (hence winglet success on 1200's, esp. with big screens).

Currently I have a 'motorway' commute which I can use as a test zone on a daily basis, and trying a full range of settings has netted this result. I can only suggest people still trying for a bit of quiet to try this setting.

Chris Coote

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