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Big Bad Biker Buddy Bruce- Human GPS. A long term buddy who can always be counted on to roll I mean ROLL. Distance is nothing but math to Bruce. We started riding dirt bikes together in the mid seventies so we have history. Now he is riding Electra Glide number 4 he puts 100k on them and buys another one. I bought my first motorcycle off him in 1974 (TS250 Suzuki). We have hit most of the states together. Rock solid riding buddy and all around guy.

Drifter- my 13 year old son wants to grow up to be a writer so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to flash some cool sights, smells, feelings past the boy to create fodder for his fertile imagination. It was his last week before school starts and a trip like this is just what he might need to help him stare out the window and let his mind wander for the next 9 months while his grades falter. I have no small amount of personal experience with this.

Chip- Next gen. excellent adventurer. Neighbor of Bruce’s as a child, turned ‘hey Bruce watch this” into an early reality series. Has been a reliable co conspirator since the early 90’s. He is rolling on a 1985 E-Glide (Bruce’s number 2 AKA Blue) that he has resurrected from a rusting rattle canned barn ornament status to a new looking and running touring bike. Most impressive feat to date was 4,000 mile tour to the 4 corners on a Suzahamasocki impaler (250lb man, deli sandwich sized seat). Will go anywhere and do any thing on a moments notice. I have known him for 10+ years and never knew his real name or needed to until last year.

ME- AKA Vermin, behind the camera, grumpy middle age man since birth according to my wife.

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