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DAY 3 (August 26th, 2007)

York, Nebraska, wake up, Bruce and Chip peel off to the south.

Some body guessed credit card issues BINGO my card quit working. I had a message on my phone to call the company. I called and come to find out my spending patterns where incongruous with my normal life so they put a hold on it. No Kidding. Easily fixed.

Drifter and I head west on US-34 toward Grand Island. In Grand Island we run across some artist types headed toward Burning Man in the desert of Cali(?) or Nevada I don’t know. It sounds like my kind of gathering. Unfortunately their school bus had alternator problems that had them behind time and stuck in Nebraska. While we where shooting the shit when a local farmer came over and gave it a good old fashioned roadside analysis that set them on the right path. Farmers are good at diagnosing problems on the fly with nothing but a screw driver and a pop can for tools. The cool thing about being out west is this farmer probably had a lot to do but he took time out to monkey with these guys rig.

Ya see there is this little D shaped hole under the alternator

Nuttin Honey

West on US-34 Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride, Corn, Corn, Grand Island, Corn, Ride, Ride, West on US-30 Ride, Ride, Ride, Ogallala, Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride, Grass, Grass, Dead Badger, Burnt Grass, Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride.

I miss having Bruce and Chip along for the familiarity/company but Drifter starts to hold his own conversation wise. We cruise down US-34 westbound, Even now there are things and places I would like to show him but we are limited to a week. We are cruising the Platte River Valley. It gives one a false sense of how green Western Nebraska really is. One of my favorite places is the Sand Hills to the northwest. I have been down the north/south road out of Hyannis Neb, before, not a tree or a driveway (maybe one) for 67 miles. Pure beauty, this is the area that people in cars can’t appreciate because it looks like nothing in a picture frame with a rear view mirror in it. You can’t really appreciate it until you have done it on a bike and are enveloped in the vibe. Of course survivor man could live off the grasshopper jerky that accumulates on your shins.

This is also the area where my bike, affectionately known as Cack, had to tow a buddies new Harley-Davidson Fat Bastard 15 miles with a close line rope, to a bar so he could call the North Platte Harley dealer to come get him. Apparently air cooled v-twins are still a novelty at the motor company and bad cam bearings should be accepted as part of the Harley experience. Does the Honda dealer have a nice trailer with a diamond plate ramp? Who knows, the Maytag repairman probably uses it to take his quad up north. Maybe they store brochures and key fobs in it.
I believe this particular experience contributed to this buddies zeal for golf.

Dead Badger, I had never seen one of these in the wild, they do look on’ry. This one was taking a nap on the shoulder of the road. I didn’t wake it up.

Big grain silo

Big train

We take our sweet time and hop on I-80 near North Platte.

Long run on sentence warning
Things are starting to heat up near Sidney Nebraska the cockpit temperation is into the low 100’s (105 this part is true) according to the hot tub thermorator, cable tied to the hole in my dash where the speedometer was, that I retained from my opulent 90’s lifestyle I lived in the early 2000’s. Sadly the hot tub had to be removed because its success relied on my wife getting into a bathing suit, but I cleverly kept the thermomajiger

We go west an unknown speed /mileage until we pull into Cheyenne Wyoming.

There is a nice downtown square with bands playing and people partying so we chuck out the anchor.

This is where drifter gives the illusion of photography. If I had known none of the pictures would turn out I would have given him a savage beating right downtown (gross exageration used for comic effect). But as it is we are back home with his mother so there can be nothing but tender pats on the head.

There was an old school hotel right downtown that had been refurbished that was the right price. It had a top notch restaurant and real cool coffee shoppe and gift shop on the first floor. The interior was all cowhide and western motif (oh crap I knew the word motif, I am definitely under suspicion again) The place had not been gutted during the rehab it had kept the original wood/tile/stained glass. It sufficed to give Drifter a taste of what existed before the freeways and the Super 8 motels. It was called “The Plains” I recommend it highly. Across the courtyard is the old depot that has been redone as a visitor center with some nice restaurants. Oh yea I forgot they have cool 6’ tall cowboy boots all over downtown with scenes of Wyomings past painted on them.

Again, please try to imagine it as there is scant photographic evidence.

All in all I would say downtown Cheyenne is doing it right.

We spent the evening walking around town. Saw the state capital. We went up on a bridge overlooking a rail yard and watched them switch trains and take off. It was still around 95deg. Didn't say much just stood around watching the sun go down.

In summary one of the better days I've had traipsing around this planet.

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