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The lag between rides is pure torture. I am looking for a sponsor who will allow me to ride every day, I just need enough to cover my expenses, I will quit my job and ride for the team. Maybe the guys at Gold Bond could pony up a small fortune every month. My bike is already yellow, and gosh I have used enough of that stuff. If any of you guys run across some sponsors that want to invest in me riding more, please let me know. Maybe I can start a paypal account on advrider and beg for 5.00 at a time. "Will ride for food" Until then I will have to sponsor myself........or how about I can send out letters to all my friends and family to support riding for a, I only need a cause, hmmmm, any ideas?

I know, I will be a motorcycle missionary, spreading the good news of dual sport riding and saving mens lost and pathetic lives from the duldrom of ordinary existence bringing them into the light of the Sierra mountains where God can clearly be seen!!!!

For a small tax deductable gift you can partner with me to spread the good news, I only need 100 partners to to seed 100.00 each per week to get the message out to the lost.

In return for your small gift and to say thank you for partnering with the cause, I will send you the SECRET.

Oh, and by the way I look forward to seeing you guys at the secret disclosed location for some great breakfast and strong coffee. Come early and stay that the secret.....oh know/no!!!!!
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