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Hell no! I spent too damn much $$$ on all my gear to mess it up doing something stoopid. What can I say, I'm a KLR owner (some would say cheap, I prefer economically practical).

Originally Posted by Charis
No, I'm not recommending riding without adequate safety gear: thanks for asking.

But I keep reading Face plant reports where the rider has apparently (I recognize the difficulty of communicating in this medium) made a significant error and been involved in what was very likely an avoidable accident. Often those folks are very proud of the fact they were ATGATT but gloss over their responsibility in the wreck which IMO is much more important.

Is it possible we're worried too much about dressing properly and not enough on riding properly? Can ATGATT give us a false sense of security?

(And BTW: damned if I know. I just hoped it would make for interesting discussion.)
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