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Eek Weíre thinking survival here

Originally Posted by BudLight
FYI - The event is on! 16-18 October.
Way cool (Link) . Maybe we will swing up. I hear Durango to Creel is one hell of a ride. Thankls Bud!

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Continued: Friday:
The Super-8 hotel is connected to the Ellis Island casino. Iíve always heard stories of great and inexpensive places to eat and drink in Vegas but Iíve never been to any of them. Well the Ellis Island casino has to be the standard, 1 dollar big micro-brewery beers, $4.95 full steak dinner or hungry man breakfast. I saw on TV the Wisconsin Badgers were playing the UNLV Rebels. Red Badger shirts were everywhere. Cheap beer, lots of food, you know Wisconsinites are going to find this place.

Of course the temperatures for where we are heading next are expected to be around 108 degrees, Yuma AZ. We were waiting for a piece of mail to arrive at the Super-8, itís a day late. We wanted to be on the road early but instead are stuck in the hotel lobby awaiting the mail person. Weíre not even sure itís going to be in the mail today or exactly when the mail will arrive.

The mail shows up at about one PM. Itís getting hot. Highway 95 south from Vegas is rough rocky desert. Anything under a hundred degrees feels good to us now but this 105 degree stuff is tough to handle. We do just under 200 miles and find ourselves on old route 66 and a handful of inexpensive motels. We crawl into our room and crank the AC.

The plan is to hit the road early and be in Yuma before noon, itís only about 200 miles. We pass through Lake Havasu at about 8 AM and the temperature was already 97. Ouch ouch. I gas up just before an 81 mile stretch of nothing. It Is HotÖ We buy a gallon of cold water and fill up all our jugs. Weíre thinking survival here.

OK again Iím not making any of this up. Weíre about 20 miles down this hot road with nothing before we hit Yuma. The bike just dies. I tried the starter while we were costing and it seemed to turn over weak. We have plenty of gas. Iím wondering if the battery shorted out internally, or maybe that stupid power adapter I installed shorted. A few days ago we lost our right blinker, itís not the bulb. I wonder if thatís related.

Heidi and I start to prepare for a long haul in the hot desert sun (we are in the middle of nowhere!). About 5 minutes later I try the starter. The bike fires right up. We hop on and start to head back to the town 20 miles away. After about a mile we change our mind and decide to risk it and turn around and point it to Yuma with fingers crossed.
Made it to Yuma, we thank our lucky stars. Weíre checked into a cheap motel with a pool and life is good. Yesterday I got two new tires and a new battery. The blinker wires inside the wheel well were all fried and shorting out. Iím confident the shorted wires had something to do with the bike dying the other day. Iím glad to have a new battery anyway. I removed the electrical outlet also just for peace of mind. Iím sending the AC inverter home.

We are on schedule to be across the border on the 15 th, just as planned. So stayed tuned! Much more fun to come. VIVA MEXICO!
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