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Originally Posted by tvrla
Wholesale batteries no longer includes shipping in their price of $67.98 for the Panasonic LC-X1228P, which brings the total to over $75. Still, $7 for shipping a 25 lb battery isn't a bad deal, just nowhere near as satisfying as free shipping.

BTW, those expensive solid state flashers were the result of government regulations. Go figure. They stipulated that the signals had to flash at an exact rate no matter what and then at a different rate when a bulb was out. And if you expect something simple from the guys who invented CooCoo clocks you must be dreaming!

So I just went back to and their price is now $87.98. What's going on here? I though batteries were going down in price, not up??? Way up!
Terry.. same exact thing happened when i bought from them. It's like they immediately became aware that they were offering the lowest deal around and said "hey... hike up the price!!!!!"
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