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Originally Posted by Charis
But I keep reading Face plant reports where the rider has apparently (I recognize the difficulty of communicating in this medium) made a significant error and been involved in what was very likely an avoidable accident. Often those folks are very proud of the fact they were ATGATT but gloss over their responsibility in the wreck which IMO is much more important.

Is it possible we're worried too much about dressing properly and not enough on riding properly?
I think you may be on to something but it is probably more likely that alot of these crashing folk just can't ride very well and / or are reckless. There's also a sense of inevitability that is promoted here and on other motorcycle forums: "you will crash, it is just a matter of when". People then present their own examples of multiple crashes to prove this belief. I don't know about everyone else, but the last person I want to take advice from is someone who has crashed many times. While there are accidents caused by other riders and cages that can't always be avoided, there is no inevitability that one must crash because of one's own fault or that problems caused by others can't be avoided. When I was younger and riding my dirt bikes with friends, I crashed all the time. It was almost always my fault for doing something risky and foolish. Going on asphault where the consequences are so much greater should make us all much more careful and eager to minimize risk.
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