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heading to the heat

The next day

We bid our teary fair wells to the rels. Fine people. We headed south from Copper Mountain through Leadville. Thanks to you guys I was looking for a cool gravel road to take me west to Aspen but I had one of those small atlases that didn't rally show back roads so I played it safe and went south of Leadville to the main highway. Bikes running great, the sun is out and the weather is perfect. Real life is a vague memory we are day forgetin, mile eatin, heart breakin, scenery seein, bug eatin drifters fo sho now. We head northwest on Colorado highway number I don't care. Up a beautiful pass that leads up the back side of Aspen.

Drifter tries to scare his mom.

Drifter scares himself


Why do they call this town Aspen?

Ski Hill

This is a town of richass people, drifters are looked on with confusion and mild discomfort. I try to explain to the drifter that this lifestyle is the reward for a life well lived, attention to your grades and
exemplary moral fortitude and well worth striving for. I don't know if he bought it. To bad I am making vagrancy look like an attractive option.
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