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Originally Posted by IL8APEX
I feel like I have to butt in here. Sorry buddy.


It may not make for fine reading, but I don't want to let Phil mislead his children or anyone else into thinking for a second that he is a vagrant. Phil is a fine man with a beautiful family, a rock-solid marriage, and a gift for self-effacement. He is gainfully employed and excels at his job, thereby insulating himself from the overseas outsourcing to which many of his peers have fallen.

Heck, just to put some icing on the cake I'll include one final bit of information about our friend here: He is the Vice-President of his neighborhood association. Yep, believe it. This self-proclaimed High Plains Drifter who answers to no one but the open road spends the other 50 weekends a year dispensing wisdom to his well-heeled neighbors across manicured hedges with a plush, fresh-cut lawn under his feet.

I know he's not the only one on ADV with some contradictions in their life, but I would bet my bottom dollar that not one of us glides through life on so true a path as my friend here. The man simply does not compromise himself or his beliefs. You had better believe that his kids will turn out just fine!


And now, back to our story!

Your kind words are appreciated they are however aimed at ahendepe
not the teeming vermin that I try so desperately to morph into through the process of high plains asphalt ribbon transmogrification.

As the effects of the near perfect transmogrification slowly erode it becomes harder to feel the vibe necesary to continue the report.

I had a hard day in the cube as weasels ripped at my flesh from 7am
till 4pm. I tried to continue the report but it stank of steelcase office furniture, spread sheets, white boards, and lotus notes meeting notices.

I should be able to get my mojo back soon and continue. Probably this weekend.
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