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The transmogrification is completed

Vermin woke up again at 3am put bandaids on the weasel wounds and continured

The transmogrification is completed.

Drifter and I sit in the grass and eat corn and beans out of a can, next to on upscale grocery store near Aspen. This doesn’t draw any negative attention so we linger. I have become lethargic, the sky is perfect, the grass is perfect and I have that nice I wanna nap sensation wash over me. I have a reluctance to leave that is hard to describe. I finally figured it out. Up until now everything we had seen I had seen before I knew what to expect. This placed me in the role of knowing loving father/tour guide. It is a comfortable role for me. But once we head west on I-70 we would be traveling into the unknown and the unseen. I had also planned on staying near greydog bus lines so that god forbid something happen to Cack we would be able to take the license plates off and hitchhike to the next bus stop. But now we where leaving “The Grid” so to speak.

Enough introspection. Roll now. Head west on I-70 toward Grand Junction. “I have never been here before” , words I can’t remember saying in a very long time. The cool part is we are sharing each vista and blast of heat and cool looking cloud formation together as equals for the first time. I am still a little more equal than him because I still have aholt of the rudder and the atlas but none the less it is all new to me. As we descend toward Grand Junction along the Colorado river things start to heat up. I like heat because I am a 6’4”, 165lb pencil necked geek and I shiver from September to May every year. So out here you get good and hot down to your bone marrow. If I could bottle that up I would be rich.

To be honest at the time I thought the scenery around Grand Junction was fabulous but the ensuing assault to my eyeballs through the Southwest left the memory kind of dimmed down.

We stopped and laid in more nice grass in Fruita CO. it is starting to cook real nice at this time. Memory escapes me but it was probably in the low hundreds. Fruita like a lot of small towns is proud of their enormous fiberglass animals.

Barneys love interest

We headed west into Utah it was an uneventful but certainly pretty trip, nothing fell off or broke..

I know we are in a desolate area because we pull into the town of Cisco, Utah that was significant enough to make the small size atlas but as far as I could tell the place was abandoned there were several houses and businesses but there where no people or cars. No sign of life.

Cisco Utah

We had just come 50 miles from Fruita and had 45 to go to get to Moab, and this was the only town on the map, glad I got gas. The only vehicle I saw in this stretch was a dang school bus, I thought there goes one expensive kid because the nearest school had to have been 40 miles away.

Road outta Cisco

The next stretch of road into Moab blew my mind. We followed the Colorado river for 45 miles descending deeper and deeper into beautiful red rock canyons on a twisty road with no cars. Pinch me I am dreaming.

The term breathtaking is become cliché but about once every five miles I would come around a corner a see something so beautiful that it would literally make me catch my breath. Color me impressed.

Dewey Bridge

I am purposely being vague about routes and route numbers because I believe in the soul of a trip and if this report gets one person off the couch and head into the great unknown I would prefer it to remain unknown and to be honest my best experiences tend to happen after the plan goes seriously awry. In other words leave quite a bit of slop in your schedule. With my adventure buddies the only planning we really do precisely is generally the departure time.

Another excellent adventure tech tip is to agree in advance that everyone does exactly what they feel compelled to do. It is not uncommon for us to leave the house with six or eight guys have that group break up several different ways and then reconvene in miscellaneous locations. We do try to pair up as there is a element of comfort and safety in that. On the other hand I have had some dang good times alone.

Now that I am thinking about lurkers and Noobs that might want to take this type of travel up I would like to impart one piece of safety advice. I have nearly killed myself on these contraptions with my own stupidity on 4 occasions. They all had common elements.

Now come in close campers so you can hear.


Your wits and senses fade after a long day in the saddle. On the freeway you don’t really need either but on a two lane the wage of sin is wadding your skeleton through the grill of a Kenworth.

I digress

Now that the tranmogrification is complete Vermin and Drifter have no need for modern conveniences and set up camp on the Colorado river under this sandstone cliff.

We eat a canned food dinner and sit in lawn chairs out in the desert and watch the sun go down and the moons light illuminates this cliff.

Cliff picture.

Another day well lived.

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