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Thanks for the replies, I was just curious what tires and sizes the rest of you are running. Mine has kenda k270 on it right now, 4.10-18 on the rear and 3.00-21 on the front, looking back now, I'm kinda wishing I would've bought more offroad oriented tires, because thats the main reason I bought the bike.

But I have another question for you guys, the bike has been making a squealing noise from the front. The sound kind of comes and goes but it was driving me crazy so I pulled the front wheel and this is what I found.

For clarification , thats under the speedometer drive assembly, on the right side of the wheel. The previous owner took the speedometer and all related hardware off, because he used the bike as a trail bike, and it seems he took a bearing off too.

There is supposed to be a bearing between the speedometer drive assembly and the wheel, right?
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