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That's a great thread. ATGATT... oh well sometimes convenience reigns... also called stupidy. I sometimes don't wear pants, though only when in the city where the max speed is about 43 mph (that's my limit for the city, law would be 31 mph).
Yesterday I was running late for a nice movie, so I put the r12r on Street Fighter mode (Esa) and drove the 8 miles to the city center as hell. I also did only wear jeans (and jacket, helmet, boots, gloves). Man, I did feel unsafe.

I like feeling safe when I do sit on a mc. This way I can concentrate more on my riding.

If I ride more risky or faster more depends more on my mood for just cruising along having fun or doing a bit more aggressive riding than on my gear. (Full gear mostly anyways)

I do have two suits though to cope with the weather. One BMW suit with gore tex in it to keep me warm and dry and another one (Savanna) without gore tex and more holes to open in it than a swiss cheese.
Just washed one... the water looked quite disgusting... So I still have to admit that heat-thing.

I have to admit, it takes more time to put on the gear than just taking a car, but that's the deal of motorcycling. A car is easy, fast and safe to use but not real fun. A bike is fun, but not as easy in use and definitely not as safe, especially without gear.
Commuting makes getting ready to ride quite fast though. Takes about two minutes if I am in a hurry.

just my 2 cents
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