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Laugh Not for the faint hearted, this one!

Here's one I didn't show my mum.
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It went through while they were building the road in '06, and for whatever reason they just left it there until the end of the season.

Kootenay Kid: basically the trucks aren't shut off unless it's say -2c or above. In '05 I didn't shut mine off once. '06 was a short, warm season and there were a few days when I was parked in Yk and it was warm enough to give the girl a rest, but even then my boss wasn't overjoyed at the thought of his machines being started in those temps. I would never shut my truck off unless I was sitting in my home yard, whatever the temp. You don't want to tempt fate out there in the barrens.
As for the wave, I did have this explained accurately to me during orientation one year, but I forget. I tell everyone that the wave you create in front of you will bounce back off the shore and hit itself coming the other way. That's what'll weaken the ice - and it's not you that'll go through, it's buddy behind you. Don't take my word for this, though, it may not be accurate. What I do know is that one winter before I got this job, I was out on another ice road with a buddy, taking pics of the northern lights. There were rigs using the road to haul sand from an island and stockpile it in town for the upcoming construction season. We were in my Honda Civic and I said to buddy, let's sit at the side of the road when the next truck comes past to hear the ice cracking, not really sure whether that was true, either. Holy smokes - I opened my door as the truck came past, and I swear to you know who that we could hear the ice cracking over the sound of the truck. And the wave - it felt like we were lifted up six feet! I expect it was probably only one, but we both just turned to eachother with our jaws on the floor, not saying a word. It's kinda cool though, as you're driving along you can wind down the window and listen to the ice creak as you drive over it. They say it's a good thing, that it means it's flexing.

I have hundreds of pics. Over time I'll get a bunch up. Anyone know how to up my limit of one photograph at a time?

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