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Finally got out of the canyon and was headed towards Smith Valley where I bumped into these guys looking for Steve Fossett. The Hummer in the background got it's rear window broken out by a flying rock flung from the quad trailer it was towing a little earlier.

Gassed up in Bybee, just outside of Smith Valley and then got into this area called Mickey Canyon. Soft, sandy, whooped out, hell on a heavy bike. But awesome nonetheless.

Had my only "crash" of the ride here:

Didn't even hit the ground, just kinda stepped off.

Heading towards the Flying M. My goal was to get somewhere past Hawthorne today and set up camp.

Flying M, the hunt was still on... that jet sitting there took off and scared the crap out of me just down the road when it flew overhead.

The front door of Flying M, guarded by a suspicious Sheriff that kinda gave me a half hearted wave back when I waved at him.

Looking back towards the Flying M. The canyon that it is in is ouutttt theerrree. Pretty much gotta fly the richies in lest you beat them to death in a 4wd or something.

Dropped down into Hawthorne, an army ammo dump. Weird looking from up high. Lots of bunkers.

Looking towards Walker Lake.

Gassed up, called the wife, got a big beer for camp and headed out again. Still had about 2 hours of daylight.

Rode past Marietta and thru the wild burro reserve. Didn't realize I was in the reserve and saw no burros dangit...

Crossed Hwy 360 and ran into the ghost town of Belleville.

Time to set-up camp. Little creepy in a "The Hills Have Eyes" kinda way.

Big beer with a whiskey chaser, or vice versa...

Yes, that was the only big beer I could find in Hawthorne. Not a micro in sight.

Camp Creepy:

2k4 Wee-Strom, black, farkled, smells like bacon.
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