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the fuselage

The fuselage

Nothing practical here, it is all showbusiness.

A) Elvises TCB lightnin bolt (takin care o'business in a flash) given to me by fat bastard after a pilgrimage to graceland (I think).

B) Cool indian bead belt I found in the trash, hides drywall screws to C

C) Lincoln Incontinental hood piece salvaged from a buddies wrecked luxoboat. Thanks Neil. It is to bad such a fine piece of Wixom Michigan iron had to die for my art.

D) Scrubby sponge for cleaning oneself and dishes in creeks.

F) I can't get enough Homer

F) Satans own sphincters, the fork seals from hell I hope whoever made these burns for eternity.

E) 1970 Honda cb350 foot pegs welded to something.
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