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That was a time when people did not live in mortal fear of their neighbors. Around that time the Motorcity (Murdercity) was still smouldering from the race riots, the Oakland County child killer was on the loose, John Norman Collins was stacking coeds up like fire wood in Ann Arbor, we even had a local serial killer killing lovers parked on back roads. These were all real threats but a practical precaution was to go with a buddy. The risk to life and limb has remained constant but the fear has exploded at an exponential rate. Who is profiting from our fear?

Damn governments, that's who. "Keep the scum living in a state of paranoia, at all costs", is their battlecry.

This is the most informative and entertaining thing I have read in a long while Hats off to the pair of you !

Keep the fire bright, you ain't gonna be alone tonight...
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