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I am a new guy on this forum, but as a fellow cheesehead I'll try my hand at helping you out with your bike problem. Could it be possible that your gas tank or cap is not venting properly? Try cracking the gas cap next time it happens and listen for air rushing into the tank. I know it has not done anything like that until now, but it could be that a piece of dirt suddenly lodged itself in the vent hole?? Other than that, it seems like it may have something to do with the extreme heat you have been riding through, causing an electrical short. Check the spark plug caps. On my KTM I had that happen when I first got the machine. I was riding on a hot day in tight woods trails with no air flowing and the machine would die, then fire up a few minutes later. Turned out the plug caps were shorting out. Hope that helps. I hope it is something simple such as that.

Great ride report so far, keep it coming!!!

Good Luck,

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