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Originally Posted by cbxtc6
I'm no Harley expert either, but i HAVE heard there were some bad Main Circuit Breakers out there. Exact symptoms. Easy and cheap to replace - once you find one, that is. Otherwise, check the regulator connections, including the mounting bolts.
My money's on electrical.

Best of luck you two!!! As long as the thing keeps re-firing, I wouldn't let it be a complete buzz-kill.
Hi cbxtc6. I'm loving these words you say "some bad Main Circuit Breakers out there" That’s my theory also. I know household circuit breakers get old over time and will blow prematurely and after one breaks it will break easier next time. I'm hoping this is it. I can replace the breakers with automotive fuses, they fit right in where the breakers go. In fact the headlight has a fuse in place of the breaker and has been working just fine for three years. I can get automotive fuses here in Mexico. :)

I do have to disagree with the buzz-kill thing though. I'm not getting down on you for saying it, I just see this as an opportunity to express the seriousness of our situation. OK, that being said, The roads and driving south of the border is super dangerous and is the riskiest part of this trip for sure. If you could be on the roads where we were on the day we killed twice I'm sure you would agree. When I say zero shoulder on both sides I mean that literally and either a steep 20 to 50 foot drop-off, that’s no exaggeration. And narrow roads, if the semi's aren't exactly in the middle of their lane they ‘re over in our lane. Twists, turns and dips, the chances of us killing on a blind turn or just over a steep hill with NO place to get off the road is great. That scares the H out of me and I'm not afraid to admit it. I Need to have a theory about why the bike is killing and have a solution I can implement down here in Mexico else Heidi and I would be pointing the bike back north to have a Harley mechanic go over the thing in Texas before continuing south again. That would suck!

I have some of the highest respect for the members here on advrider and the help we are getting here is valued and appreciated more then I can express in words. After reading these replies Heidi and I have decided to try replacing the breakers with fuses and continue pointing the bike south. Thanks cbxtc6 and all the others for your help and support.
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