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Originally Posted by Alcan Rider
Here in Alaska, we used to pull the dust covers off so it was easier to get in there and tap the brake shoes sideways when they froze.

I always liked the "spokes" painted on the tires to see with the wheel check lights, as they caused truckers from the South 48 to scratch their heads and wonder if we weren't just a little strange.
Dust covers. What are those? Up here in the oil patch, it doesn't matter if'n you set the brakes or not, Something is going to freeze up for sure, especially during a blow. I clean my windows with "heat", keep all my arctic gear on even with my primary heater and Cat heater roaring full blast. oh yeah, and I've had coffee freeze in my thermos(sitting on the floor) in less than one shift (12 Hrs). Have you ever had to turn your weed burner on its 20lb propane bottle just to heat it up enough for the propane to gasify? I love my work, really, I do!

Truck of choice: one with a decent heater!

Right now I drive an '06 off-road T800 with a C15 (475hp), 8LL trans, planetary drivers w/full lockers. Now if the cab was just a bit larger for my 6'5" frame. New KW dash is nice though.

To build N. Slope ice roads, we use 325bbl tankers, haul ice chips with 30yd cap. maxi-hauls, and of course, the 16G is out there doing the big moving.
IIRC, we used more than 45 million gallons of water to build the 9 mile ice road and pipeline R.O.W from DS 3H (Kuparuk unit)to Oooguruk island. We get to do it again this year and next and next............. No R.O.W. needed anymore since the pipeline is in and waiting for oil to flow from our lil island.

Didn't mean to hi-jack your thread. I find your pics and stories of Far North Canadian trucking to be very interesting! Keep it up.

edit: here's the official PNR project pictures
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