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Sporty problem

Originally Posted by cavebiker
Hey roninwva. Yes! another confirmation. Good point, if we are overloading the circuit we have big problems and need some professional help but unfortunately there is no Harley shops along our route until Nicaragua (We will not ride into Mexico City with this problem. I have read SV's description of the traffic going in there. No thanks) So if I replace the breakers with fuses and I still blow a fuse we will point back north to Texas to have the bike gone over before heading south again (Please don’t blow). Thanks amigo.
Hey Cave!

I was looking at the Harley website and they list a dealer in Cabo San Lucas. Also, in Cancun, Jalisco and several others that might be closer than Mexico City. I knew you two are in Baja and don't know if you are going all the way down there, but thought I'd let you know. Apparently the gas cap vent/hose is not the problem??

Hey, no matter what, keep your chin up, this kind of stuff is what happens on an adventure, otherwise it would be just a long ride!! Makes for good reading too!!

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