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Slept great out there alongside the Amargosa River. Woke up early, whipped up some Tully's French Roast and some Mountain House scrambled eggs with bacon (eewww!) and hit the trail again just before 8am. Short, uneventful day I was hoping...

More of this crap for awhile to start the day...

Then some more rocks.


There was just enough terrain change to keep it interesting out here. Then this...for miilllleeeessss.

Saw no wildlife.

Then this, about 7 miles outside of town.

Got it back on and it wouldn't hold air. I was hot and all out of CO2's (still had my crappy little pump) but I decided to ride it flat to the highway.

I wasn't here 5 minutes and a kid on a TTR pulls up and asks if I've got someone coming to help. Told him no and he told me he'd go get his dad with a truck. Kid... you rock.

No tie downs. And I promptly gave myself a bloody nose picking desert goobers.

One way to arrive in Pahrump, just not the preferred way...

This dude was open on SUNDAY!!!!!

Nice guy, not cheap, but got a free t-shirt out of the deal.

And my accomodations for the week. Luckily I don't gamble.

And they've got great parking...

Heading back tomorrow, hope the weather holds.
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