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Discs designed to blow snow and water off the drums sounds like a great idea to me, especially having driven through a flooding zone. I like it!
I think that "What is the orange paint on the tires for?" is one of the most common questions asked about this job.

Keep on truckin'! (Can't believe I just said that...)

Vagabond - that's nuts, man! It must be well below zero inside the cab if, with two heaters on, hot coffee will freeze in less than 12 hours. Here in these milder climes, I can drive wearing trainers (as long as I'm not in that damn Freightliner!), and I only need to dress up when I get out having stopped (or when the heater self destructs in the Kenworth!). How cold would it have to be outside for it to be that cold inside?
Also, what would it take for a skinny white boy with no green card to get a job in your neck of the woods? That sounds like fun, man.

Keep on truckin' (Shit, did it again...)

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