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Originally Posted by jeffcoll
I do not know Harley's.

When you say it dies dead, but starts back up, I think electrical. If it was fuel, you would have a dry carb, and it would be hard restarting.

Do you have a side stand saftey switch? Could you be hitting a bump and the side stand bounces off the switch and kills the bike?

Or a short in the kill switch or side stand safety switch wiring. Look all along the wiring from both switches. Bikes are known to rub wires raw around the steering head and under the gas tank from the handle bars moving the wires back and forth all the time. Is all the wiring in the head light shell? If so, there is another rub spot.

I am really enjoying your trip. I wish you guys all the best.

Hey Jeffcoll, Great point! No matter what I will check all the wiring. I had handlebars where the wiring went through the bars. I replaced them with bars that ran the wires outside. I was afraid the wires would short inside the handlebars and I would be hosed. But this still could be an issue somewhere else, like inside the headlight shell like you suggest.
Thanks so much for the input and good words.
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